The Ministries listed below are established ministries that meet all the criteria necessary for referral by Chicago Fellowship (*see note at end of this listing). These ministries provide the men of the Fellowship and their families with service opportunities and experiences we believe make possible a greater understanding of the meaning of the Gospel and its implications regarding the God honoring stewardship of our lives. We are happy to recommend them to you for consideration.


The following is an index of Fellowship Ministry Partnerships organized under the headings of Chicago Fellowshipʼs three major areas of focus: Education; Empowerment; and Redemptive Compassion. This index is not intended to limit any of the Ministries listed to any one area of focus but is only an effort to help you begin your investigation of these ministries based on your particular area of interest. A brief introduction to each ministry and contact information can be found in the Chicago Fellowship Ministry Partnerships section of our website.

As you will notice, some of these ministries may be listed in more than a single category.



Redemptive Compassion


*Important Note

Criteria for Referral

1.  Mission and Values consistent with the Mission and Values of Chicago Fellowship

2.  Led by men and women who are of the highest integrity and who are operating in an environment of healthy accountability

3.  Willingness to work together with other Fellowship Partners to create a network of supportive ministries