Chicago Fellowship had its inception several years ago when a small group of businessmen in downtown Chicago began meeting weekly for prayer, accountability, and to support one another as brothers in Christ. Over the years, what began as a meeting of three to five men has today become a weekly gathering of 80-100 men with a mailing list of active participants numbering over 800. In 2005, the group formalized into a 501 C (3) not-for-profit corporation under the name of Chicago Fellowship. In that same year, the Board of Directors employed Ray Carter to help lead the Fellowship in accomplishing its two core goals. First, to help men find relationship with other men for the purposes of accountability and support in pursuing and living Biblical truth. Second, to help men become informed, wise, and generous stewards of their lives through participation in strategic acts of justice and compassion in the broken places of this world.

In achieving the above stated purposes, Chicago Fellowship takes its lead from another group of Christians who lived on the outskirts of London in the early 19th century, and whom history remembers as “The Clapham Circle”. Their most famous member was William Wilberforce whose lifetime in Parliament was spent opposing the slave trade. In concert and cooperation with other men and women of sincere faith, unimpeachable character, moral clarity, and humble manner, they became “salt and light” to their generation and were used by God to change England and the world.

Important Note:

Though Chicago Fellowship challenges and encourages participants to be proactive in “doing justice and loving mercy” in today’s world, it is not a political action organization nor does it promote any particular political or social agenda. Furthermore, while the Fellowship encourages participants to be “hands on” and strategic in their service to others, no one will be required by the Fellowship to participate in any particular activity. While Chicago Fellowship will present various serving opportunities to Fellowship participants, we believe it is God alone who will show individual participants how He might best use them and their various gifts.

The current Chicago Fellowship board members

The current Chicago Fellowship board members