New Canaan Society

new canaan society logoWhat began as a small group bible study in the New Canaan, Connecticut, home of Jim Lane, has grown into a powerful movement of men on both the east coast and throughout the country. With a passionate commitment to fostering meaningful relationships (“friendships in Jesus) between men so that men might become better husbands, fathers and God honoring stewards of their lives, the New Canaan Society continues to help men from a variety of economic, cultural and political backgrounds experience the saving grace of Jesus Christ and express that grace in their families, workplaces and communities. At Chicago Fellowship, we have a very special connection to NCS as some of the Fellowships founding members began their journey as part of the NCS movement. We also consider ourselves to be partners with NCS in the greater movement of God we see happening in the lives of men around the country. For more information on NCS and this network of like minded ministries, visit their website at