And you will be called Repairer of Broken Walls Isaiah 58:12

Chicago Fellowship is committed to helping men experience the saving grace of Jesus Christ and together extend that grace to others through acts of compassion and justice in the broken places of our world.

It is our desire that through shared experiences of service to some of the most marginalized and forgotten in our world, men come to a deeper understanding of the meaning of the gospel and what it is to be a God honoring steward of their lives.

Recent Friday Talks

10/30/20 Ray Carter – Foundations of Unity
10/23/20 Joel Hamernick – Our True Identity
10/16/20 Brett Hersma – My COVID Story
10/09/20 Ray Carter – Jesus’ Presence
10/02/20 Jon Harmon – My Father’s Advice
09/25/20 Ray Carter – Corporate Repentance
09/18/20 Dr. Mark Jobe – 2020 Retreat Session 2
09/18/20 Ray Carter – 2020 Retreat Session 1
09/11/20 Ray Carter – 2020 Fall Kickoff
06/26/20 Ray Carter – The Foundations of Justice
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